Friday, August 28, 2009

My God, what a world you love...

The world is one of the worst places. We are distraught with plauges, famine, poverty, decreasing jobs, murder, corruption, and mass chaos. People fail to see that if things do not change well see nothing but four horsemen and hear nothing but the seventh trumpet. We need to change and we need to act now. Though i notice, I love my country. I love everything about it except for a few things. But I have absolutely no sympathy for the human race. None what so ever. In a world where we assassinate those who told us to love one another and for us all just to get along in peace (Ghandi, John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King Jr.) I don't hold much hope for us. I do not wanna live in a utopia. I do not wanna be monitored, evened out and set to a certain level. If the masters of the world want me to be just smart enough to run the machines and fill the paper work, I'm out. And there is no easy way out. There is one way and that is hard work in life. Hard work and education will set you free.

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